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Basic Plumbing Services Skills : Gas Services


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ISBN 9780170361996





Train competent, knowledgeable gas plumbers. Employability boxes outline the responsibilities of employees, including skills they need to acquire and real-life challenges they may face at work. Students learn better with help from the Companion website featuring additional study and revision tools, including worksheets, weblinks, crosswords and more. Addresses AQF Level 3 competencies of the Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package (CPC08), and covers new Australian Industry Standard AS/NZS 5601:2013.

– CPCPGS3046A: Install LPG systems in caravans, mobile homes and mobile workplaces
– CPCPGS3047A: Install LPG systems in marine craft
– CPCPGS3048A: Install gas pressure control equipment
– CPCPGS3049A: Install Type A gas appliance flues
– CPCPGS3051A: Purge consumer piping
– CPCPGS3053A: Disconnect and reconnect Type A gas appliances
– CPCPGS3054A: Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A gas appliances
– CPCPGS3056A: Install gas piping systems
– CPCPGS3057A: Size consumer gas piping systems
– CPCPGS3059A: Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity up to 500 litres
– CPCPGS3061A: Install and commission Type A gas appliances
– CPCPGS3050A: Install Type B gas appliance flues
– CPCPGS3052A: Maintain Type A gas appliances
– CPCPGS3055A: Install gas sub-meters
– CPCPGS3060A: Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity exceeding 500 litres and less than 8KL

The Plumbing Skills series provides learners with the knowledge, skills and awareness they will need to be successful in the plumbing industry. The series is structured to build step-by-step knowledge, working from general/foundation subjects towards more specific and technical detail as they progress. References to AS/NZS 3500:2015, referred to in the Plumbing Code of Australia, prompts familiarity with the codes throughout their training.

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