Psychopathology : Research, Assessment and Treatment in Clinical Psychology


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ISBN 9781119679189

Davey, Graham C.






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Explore a full range of mental health problems complete with clinical guidance with this new resource from a leader in clinical and abnormal psychologyThe newly revised Third Edition of Psychopathology: Research, Assessment, and Treatment in Clinical Psychology delivers comprehensive coverage of both psychopathology and clinical practice, including extensive descriptions of treatment techniques for a range of mental health issues. Accessibly written and appropriate for students at different learning levels, as well as post-graduate researchers and clinical trainees, the book emphasizes the provision of real insight into the nature and experience of mental health problems.The Third Edition includes fully updated research findings and completely new Focus Points that discuss contentious or topical issues in detail. It also includes Research Methods boxes showing how clinical psychologists do research on psychopathology, as well as Case Histories on a variety of mental health problems. The book covers third generation cognitive behavioral therapy approaches to reflect recent changes in service delivery. Finally, an updated supplements package includes new videos to assist readers in understanding the mental health problems described within.Students and trainees will also benefit from:

A thorough introduction to psychopathological concepts, procedures, and practices, including classification and assessment, stigma, dominant paradigms, research methods, and treatment
An exploration of a wide variety of psychopathologies and psychological disorders, including anxiety, depression and mood disorders, psychosis, substance use disorders, and eating disorders
Fulsome discussions of personality disorders, including antisocial personality disorder (APD) and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
A treatment of childhood and adolescent psychological problems

Perfect for undergraduate students taking courses in clinical or abnormal psychology in a variety of post-secondary institutions in the United Kingdom and Europe, Psychopathology: Research, Assessment, and Treatment in Clinical Psychology also belongs on the bookshelves of professionals and researchers who?s work brings them into contact with people suffering mental health problems.

About the author
GRAHAM DAVEY, PHD, is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. He has published over 140 scholarly articles in scientific and professional journals and written or edited 23 books. He is a former founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Experimental Psychopathology.

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