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Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change


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A comprehensive look at attitudes, beliefs and behavioural change, looking at not only biological underpinnings of attitudes but also how this fits in real world situations. This textbook gives an overview of theoretical and research perspectives in the field of attitudes and persuasion in a simple, user friendly way.

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This third edition explores the scientific methods that are used to better understand attitudes and how they change, updated to reflect the flurry of research activity in this dynamic subject over the past few years. Providing the fundamental concepts for understanding attitudes, with a balanced consideration of all approaches, the book pulls together many diverse threads from research across the world.

Key features:

  • Research highlights illustrate interesting and important case studies and their findings
  • Recap ‘What we have learned’ and ‘What do you think?’ questions at the end of chapters get students thinking
  • Key terms and a glossary help students get up to speed with terminology
  • Even more international in scope – with research drawn from many countries and a stronger European perspective
  • New research in areas such as hypocrisy, persuasion, matching and evaluative conditioning has been considered and included, showing the flourishing nature of this subject area
  • Online resources including multiple choice questions, journal articles and flashcards for students, and PowerPoint slides and essay questions for lecturers to use for teaching ideas, available at study.sagepub.com/psychofattitudes3e

About the author
Professor of Psychology, Cardiff University I have a number of interests within the study of attitudes, including the role of affective and cognitive processes in attitudes, the impact on mindfulness on attitudes and attitude change, how individual differences influence attitude processes, and how reading persuasive material in different media formats influences attitudes and attitude change. Other research helps to understand how social values get translated into action. http://psych.cf.ac.uk/contactsandpeople/haddockgg.php Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Bath. My research is in the broader domain of attitudes and attitude-behavior relations. I have a particular interst in habits (both behavioral and mental habits), values, the self, and self-regulation. I apply these interests in areas such as health, consumer and environmental behavior. http://www.bath.ac.uk/profiles/faculty-of-humanities-social-sciences-director-of-doctoral-studies-bas-verplanken/

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