Art Therapy with Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder


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This guide for art therapists working with adults with autism spectrum disorders gives practical advice and techniques for community and institutional settings. It includes discussion of clinical treatment issues, goals and rationales, based on developmental, neurological and art therapy theory.

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ISBN 9781785928314

Gonzalez-Dolginko B






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There is a distinct lack of art therapy literature on working with adults with autism spectrum disorders, and this book combats this dearth by looking at the theory and practice of working with this client group. With clinical case examples throughout, it provides ideas for practice and interventions for use in institutional and community settings. There is a useful focus on directives to help with specific concerns, for example college and job readiness, social skills, and adapting to independent living.

The book also includes information on ASD itself and gives advice on developmental and neurological considerations to take into account when working with this client group.

About the author
Beth Gonzalez-Dolginko is a NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in private practice. She has over 40 years of experience working as an art therapist with individuals with ASD.

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