Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' Health & Wellbeing


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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Health and Wellbeing addresses the need to reorient mainstream health to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ ways. It focuses on the philosophy of Indigenous Australian cultural competence, where the onus of responsibility is not on the patient but instead on the clinician. By providing students with the skills of reconciliation, cultural competence and cultural safety it aims to strengthen healthcare delivery and ensure that all Australians have equal and equitable access to healthcare.Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, this book caters to nursing, midwifery and allied health courses. Each chapter is written by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and a non-Indigenous author, representing interprofessional collaboration.Part 1 of the text introduces theoretical and historical concepts that will support your students’ learning, while Part 2 focuses on key health systems and will develop students’ understanding in specific Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health domains.KEY FEATURESCase Studies with a specific focus on either nursing or allied health provide context to how each specific topic will be relevant in practiceCritical Reflection Questions follow every case study enabling students to enhance their understanding and reflect on their own perspectives of healthResearch Champion Cases in Chapter 4 provide details about the health care backgrounds of the authors in Part 1, giving students an insight into different health care career pathsImplications for Nursing Practice and Implications for Allied Health Practice provide practical examples and explanations of how health and societal factors impact on healthcare practiceVideos highlight personal experiences within the healthcare sector from five different perspectivesEnd of Chapter Revision allows students to test their comprehension, and to prepare for tutorials and exams.

About the author
Brett Biles is a Lecturer at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health at Charles Sturt University. Jessica Biles is a Lecturer at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health at Charles Sturt University.

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