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Biology:An Australian Focus


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Biology: An Australian focus reflects on worldwide biological research and knowledge to provide a global outlook with Australian examples and cases woven throughout. Students are able to connect with what they’re learning and better understand Australian flora/fauna and most importantly ecology & ecosystems, using this accessible and engaging learning resource.

The rich pedagogical layout layout of this text adds to the accessibility of the Biology: An Australian focus learning package. As well as Concept Checks to provide students with the essential takeaway points for each section and help with exam revision, this edition also includes; Self-Assessment and Review and Analysis to test the students’ understanding; Evaluation and Application to develop and test critical evaluation skills; and boxed case studies separated into Research, Application, Hot Topics and Focus features, to delve deeper into topics. Biology: An Australian focus offers a complete learning package for all Australian biology students.

About the author
Robert Bruce Knox was Professor in the School of Botany, The University of Melbourne until his untimely death in1997. He was a renowned and innovative scientist, honoured by his election as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 1989, Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 1990, and President of the International Association of Sexual Plant Reproductive Research from 1990 to 1994. He was a pioneer in the discovery of cell recognition mechanisms in the breeding and reproductive systems of flowering plants and made a major contribution to the understanding of how plants recognise “self and non-self”. He was one of the first people in the world to apply the techniques of immunochemistry and histochemistry to study plant development. His study of pollen led to the characterisation of proteins in the pollen cell wall, many of which are human allergens, and to the cloning of allergen genes. Bruce Knox left a legacy of people who trained as his postgraduate students or who worked in his laboratory as part of his research team, contributing significantly to subsequent generations of scientists. He was an enthusiast of the idea to publish an Australian focused biology text, and would have been proud to see “Biology” in its third edition. Pauline Ladiges is a Professor and Head of the School of Botany at The University of Melbourne. Her PhD on plant genecology is from the University of Melbourne and she is distinguished for her studies in taxonomy, biogeography and ecology of Australian flora. An expert on the genus Eucalyptus, Professor Ladiges was one of the first Australian biologists to adopt cladistic methodology and develop new methods for analysing biogeographic patterns. In recognition of her scientific discoveries and leadership, she was awarded a Personal Chair at her University in 1992 and was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 2002. In her 30 years of teaching, she has trained a strong team of postgraduate students, co-authored and edited several award-winning biology textbooks and served on a number of Boards and Advisory Committees for government and industry. Barbara Evans is currently Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of British Columbia in Canada. She recently relocated to canada after working at the University of melbourne since 1991. In her PhD studies at the University of Melbourne she described the effects of antihypertensive drugs on the function of the autonomic system in mammals. Professor Evans went on to become an expert in comparative animal physiology, specialising in cardiovascular and respiratory regulation and diving in animals such as crocodiles, ducks and the platypus, and worked in the UK and Canada. Her more recent studies include the reproductive biology of Australian animals, including the platypus and echidna. For many years a popular biology lecturer, Professor Evans made major contributions to the curriculum design of both tertiary and secondary level biology courses, and co-authored several highly successful biology textbooks. Among her other achievements, Barbara studied physical education and represented Australia in Gymnastics at both the Olympic Games and World championships.

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