Focus : Torts 8th edition


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ISBN 9780409344967

Davies M & Malkin I







The eighth edition of Focus: Torts is designed to assist students to develop a greater understanding of torts by identifying and explaining key areas of study. Using a straightforward, structured approach and written in plain English, the authors help demystify even the most complex of legal concepts.

The authors extensively cover both common law principles and Australian statutory regimes, providing a detailed account of similarities and differences across all Australian jurisdictions. The text has a particular emphasis on problem-solving, providing the reader with numerous opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and to practise answering legal problem questions.

The new edition incorporates recent case law and legislative changes, and includes a large number of updated guided answers to problem questions. Important new cases explored in this new edition include:

Allen v Chadwick (2015)
Hunter & New England Local Health District v McKenna (2014)
King v Philcox (2015)
Marsh v Baxter (2015)
Prince Alfred College Inc v ADC (2016)
Robinson Helicopter Co Inc v McDermott (2016)
Powney v Kerang & District Health (2014)
T & X Co Pty Ltd v Chivas (2014)
Waller v James (2015)

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