Mastering Law Study and Law Exam Techniques 9th edition


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ISBN 9780409343182

Krever R







A practical and engaging guide to successful law study and assessment outcomes

Successfully navigating the particular requirements of law school and legal study can be challenging, even for the most capable of students. Mastering Law Studies and Law Exam Techniques de-mystifies the process of studying law and provides the foundations for law school success.

The first part of the book provides basic rules and helpful hints on study techniques. The second part shows how to apply these guidelines by presenting a range of sample exam questions and answers contributed by experienced law lecturers from leading Australasian universities. This section includes commentary from examiners about what separates an above average answer from an average answer.

Guides to success in moot court and on how to approach multiple choice and essay assessments are also included.

The ninth edition of this successful book has been updated to reflect recent developments in case law and legislation.


* Reader-friendly guidance on how to study law effectively
* Sample exam questions and answers in a range of core subject areas
* Explains what lecturers look for in exam answers
* Designed for law students and others studying law subjects
* Includes specific advice for commerce or business law students

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