Effect : Introduction to Research Design and Causality


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The Effect: An Introduction to Research Design and Causality is about research design, specifically concerning research that uses observational data to make a causal inference. It is separated into two halves, each with different approaches to that subject.

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ISBN 9781032125787

Huntington-Klein N






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  • Extensive code examples in R, Stata, and Python
  • Chapters on overlooked topics in econometrics classes: heterogeneous treatment effects, simulation and power analysis, new cutting-edge methods, and uncomfortable ignored assumptions
  • An easy-to-read conversational tone
  • Up-to-date coverage of methods with fast-moving literatures like difference-in-differences
About the author

Nick Huntington-Klein is a professor of economics at Seattle University specializing in the study of the education system and applied econometrics. He is known as someone who can clearly explain complex topics in econometrics, and his teaching materials have been shared online tens of thousands of times. To his great anguish, his toddler daughter refuses to learn about sampling variation and would rather listen to that one Moana song on repeat.

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