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This book is an updated in-depth study and explanation of avionics as applied to civil aircraft. Substantial new content covers changes in avionics technology, software, and system safety. Ian Moir and Allan Seabridge are both highly experienced in the aircraft industry and are also involved in devising and delivering training courses.

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ISBN 9781118341803

Moir I & Jukes M






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Civil Avionics Systems, Second Edition, is an updated and in-depth practical guide to integrated avionic systems as applied to civil aircraft and this new edition has been expanded to include the latest developments in modern avionics. It describes avionic systems and potential developments in the field to help educate students and practitioners in the process of designing, building and operating modern aircraft in the contemporary aviation system.

Integration is a predominant theme of this book, as aircraft systems are becoming more integrated and complex, but so is the economic, political and technical environment in which they operate.

Key features:
? Content is based on many years of practical industrial experience by the authors on a range of civil and military projects
? Generates an understanding of the integration and interconnectedness of systems in modern complex aircraft
? Updated contents in the light of latest applications
? Substantial new material has been included in the areas of avionics technology, software and system safety

The authors are all recognised experts in the field and between them have over 140 years? experience in the aircraft industry. Their direct and accessible style ensures that Civil Avionics Systems, Second Edition is a must-have guide to integrated avionic systems in modern aircraft for those in the aerospace industry and academia.

About the author
Ian Moir, Moir Associates, UK, After 20 years in the royal Air Force as an engineering officer, Ian went on to Smiths Industries in the UK where he was involved in a number of advanced projects. Since retiring from Smiths he is now in demand as a highly respected consultant. Ian has broad and detailed experience working in aircraft avionics systems in both military and civil aircraft. From the RAF Tornado and Apache helicopter to the Boeing 777, Ian’s work has kept him at the forefront of new system developments and integrated systems in the areas of more-electric technology and systems implementations. He has a special interest in fostering training and education in aerospace engineering. Allan Seabridge, Seabridge Systems Ltd, UK, Allan Seabridge retired as Head of Flight Systems Engineering after a long career with BAE Systems. He has 36 years experience in aerospace systems engineering, business development and research & development, with major projects worked on including Canberra, Jaguar, Tornado, EAP, Typhoon & Nimrod. Since retiring he has developed an interest in engineering education leading to the design and delivery of systems and engineering courses at a number of UK universities at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He also provides technical consultancy to companies in the aerospace industry. Malcolm Jukes, UK, Malcolm Jukes has over 35 years experience in the aerospace industry, mostly working for the Smiths Group at Cheltenham, UK, Among his many responsibilities as Chief Engineer for Defence Systems Cheltenham, Malcolm managed the design and experimental flight trials of the first UK Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). Malcolm is now an aerospace consultant operating in the areas of displays, display systems, and mission computing.

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