End Homelessness Now ! - The Road to a Solution


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ISBN 9781735132433

J M Montgomery






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End Homelessness Now! – The Road to A Solution.

The Home Giveaway Program Initiative.

This work discusses several solutions to reduce those issues associated with chronic homelessness in the United States and possibly for the rest of the world. One such solution is a theoretical program that the author designed is called “The Home Giveaway Program Initiative” (Home Gap). This research will discuss other practical approaches to be implemented along with this proposed pilot homeless home giveaway program.

The research conducted in this book is to assess the various costs and alternatives for providing long-term solutions to the identifiable issues of chronic homelessness. More particularly, this work focuses on the role played by participating banks in which donating homes to any government agency would be conducive to reducing the chronic homelessness numbers for any given society. These homes are necessary to help the homeless population, thus making them active and productive citizens, thus increasing the gross domestic product (GDP) for any community that is taking care of the homeless.

About the author
J. M. Montgomery is a 57-year-old Army Veteran who is experiencing PTSD due to MST. When he was on active duty, he served in the Military District of Washington D.C. for four years, and later was reassigned to Graves Registration in Mortuary Affairs. This author had to leave the military when his father was severely injured in a car accident, thus ending his dream of retiring from the service. Shortly after the market crashed in 2008, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2017. At the time of the publication of this book, this author had been in a homeless program. While in his recovery, he chose to go back to college to pursue a career in Public Administration. While recovering from PTSD, he realized that there needed to be an effective long-term solution to ending chronic homelessness. From the first eighteen months of his Master’s program, he came up with the theory of The Home GAP Initiative. In the last four years, he has worked on his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and is working to be accepted into the Ph.D. program for Public Affairs in a few months. The author’s primary goal is that this program will drop the numbers of those homeless to nearly zero within the next twenty years.

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