Drugs In Perspective : Causes, Assessment, Family, Prevention, Intervention & Treatment


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Drugs in Perspective examines the rapidly changing field of chemical dependency with an emphasis on family dynamics, the impact of family on individuals, and their use of alcohol/drugs. Students will gain a full understanding of the dynamics of chemical dependency and the domino effects that can have on someone’s life. Students will also foster and develop an effective perspective on the multifaceted aspects and problems associated with alcohol/drug use, abuse, and addiction.

Richard Fields has 30 years of first-hand experience performing clinical work with substance abuse users and their families, and he relays his experience and research in such a way that is approachable and engaging for students. The tenth edition of Drugs in Perspective boasts a new section on Medical Marijuana and a new section on Mindfulness Education in England. Both of these sections were added to reflect current research and discussions in the field.

About the author
Richard Fields, Ph.D., is owner/director of FACES, Conference and Home Study Programs for Mental Health Clinicians. Dr. Fields brings an expertise to FACES based on over 30 years of work in the alcohol/drug field. He still actively counsels individuals and family members with alcohol/drug problems, training thousands of professionals each year at FACES Conferences (www.facesconferences.com). Formerly the assistant director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Western Regional Training Center, he has conducted training throughout the Western United States. As a consultant, Dr. Fields has worked to develop a number of University and College programs, creating educational classes, workshops and conferences (UCLA Extension, Dept. of Allied Health and Medicine, University of Washington, School of Social Work Extension, Seattle University, Edmonds Community College, University of California, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Cruz and others). Dr. Fields is the author of Drugs in Perspective, 6th edition, McGraw Hill, 2007. This college textbook is standard in most alcohol/drug studies programs.

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