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Has the West Lost It ? : A Provocation


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ISBN 9780141986531

Mahbubani, K






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Kishore Mahbubani’s timely polemic argues passionately for the West to cease imposing its ideology on the world and intervening in the affairs of other nations. Mahbubani examines the West’s greatest follies of recent times- the humiliation of Russia at the end of the Cold War, which led to the rise of Putin; and the invasion of Iraq after 9/11, which destabilised the Middle East. For the West to maintain a key international role, Mahbubani warns, it must recognise its changing status and seek to influence rather than dominate. Has The West Lost It? examines the myths and self-delusions of Western power with an outsider’s critical eye.

About the author
Kishore Mahbubani is a Professor in the Practice of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. He continues to serve on the boards and councils of several institutions in Singapore, Asia, Europe and North America. His articles have appeared in a wide range of journals and newspapers, including the Financial Times, Time, Newsweek and The New York Times. He is also the author of a number of books, including Can Asians Think? More information on his writings can be found on www.mahbubani.net.

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