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Now in its third edition, Write Now gives students greater confidence as they approach writing for college, for their careers, or for their everyday lives, while guiding them through the process of exploring ideas, drafting, revising, and editing their work.

*Unique to Write Now, the Rhetorical Star-used throughout the text-keeps students focused on their writing situation as they draft, revise, edit, and design their work. In the new edition, the Rhetorical Star is featured on the cover, emphasizing its importance to the text and the writing process.

*Graduate Spotlights provide testimonials from real college graduates who emphasize the importance of writing skills in their careers. Employer Spotlights give students additional insight into the importance of writing in the work world.

*To emphasize the centrality of writing to the world of work, each chapter in Part 2 includes at least one career-based writing example, as well as a section explaining how students will apply each writing strategy they are learning in school, in their careers, and in their personal lives.

With a focus on writing in Modes, this title is a great fit for First-year Composition 1 (or 1 and 2) at two-year colleges, two-year technical colleges, private-sector schools, or two-year colleges with a strong associates degree program. Write Now 3e provides a fresh and contemporary approach to writing for college and career when compared to its competitors: Strategies for Successful Writing by Reinking and von der Osten (Pearson), Successful College Writing by McWhorter (Bedford/Macmillan), and The Longman Writer by Nadell, Langan & Coxwell (Pearson).

About the author
Karin Russell has been helping students achieve success for nearly 30 years. Russell earned her B.A. degree from Stetson University and her M.S. degree from Florida State University. She has taught a variety of composition and humanities courses for several Florida schools, including Eastern Florida State College, Nova Southeastern University, and several career colleges. For the past 24 years, Russell has been a full-time English instructor at Keiser University, where she also served as the English department chair for 12 years. Russell is especially interested in showing students how writing is applicable to their future careers and enabling students to develop their writing skills through a process-oriented, multimodal approach to composition. She passionately believes that nearly anyone can become a good writer with the right instruction and enough practice. Russell debuted the rhetorical star method of writing in her textbook Write Now.

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