Collins Robert French Dictionary Concise Edition : 240,000 Translations [Tenth Edition]


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The home of trusted French dictionaries for everyday language learning.

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The home of trusted French dictionaries for everyday language learning.

This French to English and English to French dictionary, is a collaboration between Collins and Le Robert, revised and updated with new words, phrases and senses. The supplements on communication, education and famous people of the French- and English-speaking worlds make this the perfect dictionary for use at university, college, home or work.

Designed for students and professionals using French in the course of their work.

* updated with new words and phrases from a wide range of fields, including technology, media and the environment

* practical tips on spoken and written French, including spelling pitfalls, make this the ideal dictionary for intermediate and advanced learners

* a supplement gives information on historical figures from the French-speaking world, with a timeline and background you need to understand French culture

* a real-world communication supplement covering online banking, social media and mobile communication

About the author
Pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819

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