Engaging Questions : A Guide To Writing


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ISBN 9781260571370

Channell C & Crusius T






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Engaging Questions, now in its third edition, emphasizes interaction and critical thinking, transforming passive learners into active learners empowered to ask their own questions and pursue those questions wherever they lead:

  • In reading and thinking before writing, to interpret texts and assignments and to evaluate the credibility of sources.

  • In planning and organizing, to investigate the writing situation, to find a topic, and to formulate a coherent thesis.

  • In drafting, to consider choices of style, voice, and genre and question the effectiveness of the choices made.

  • In revising and editing, to anticipate readers’ experience with the text and see where changes could make the text more readable and effective.

With a redesigned table of contents, this edition foregrounds instruction and assignments critical to the first-year writing course. Its inquiry-based approach provides the scaffold for comprehensive coverage organized around four key parts: Exploring Writing and Reading, Writing in the Aims, Researching Writing, and Writing in the Genres.

Engaging Questions is an appropriate title for Composition 1 or Composition 1 and 2 at both 2-year and open-enrollment 4-year schools. This text is written as a direct competitor to the market leader in composition, the Norton Field Guide 5e.

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