500 Tricks : Terraces and Balconies


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Each title within the 500 Tricks series focuses on a different aspect of home decoration, and provides useful and clever solutions.

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ISBN 9789814523684

Martinez C




Dimensions 16.2 × 20 cm


From time immemorial, outdoor spaces have been essential parts of a house. Three hundred years ago, the most privileged spent much of their free time strolling through the gardens on their property, and they gave high regard to enjoying the outdoors as a way to improve health. Today, most homes have outdoor spaces that their owners can use for the activities they find most agreeable and interesting, including barbecues, enjoying a pool or a hot tub, sunbathing, eating, or playing and chatting late into the night. The inhabitants of houses decorate and create outdoor areas to meet their particular needs. It is also increasingly common in large cities for skyscrapers to be topped by spectacular roof gardens or adorned with balconies that can be used to escape and forget the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and that add greenery to a grey horizon. This book is a source of inspiration from the most trendy solution on outdoor garden design.

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