500 Tricks : Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces


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Each title within the 500 Tricks series focuses on a different aspect of home decoration, and provides useful and clever solutions.

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ISBN 9789814523653

Martinez C




Dimensions 16.2 × 20 cm


Decorating interiors can seem an impossible task when you have to work with a limited budget. However, with ingenuity, creativity, and a few tricks, you can change the look of a home on the cheap. Taking on a low-cost decorating project involves strategic planning. Asking for estimates from different stockists and retailers, comparing prices, and deciding what specific items to save on are necessary premises before starting with the actual decoration. Tricks and tips on how to decorate one room at a time, inventing and creating accessories and adornments, and recycling furniture help to keep the budget within the original set limits can all be found in this book. Although it means sticking to the original budget, low-cost decorating can be exciting and challenging. This book will show you that money does not make the difference when style is on the go!

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