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Learning to Teach positions the reader as a first year teacher embarking on their new career. They work with Anna Jones, her class, and the other teachers around the fictional Lathner Primary School to help develop their ability to analyse scenarios, critically reflect on their own assumptions, and develop best teaching practices.This unique text examines the role of the teacher in fostering thoughtfulness and the ideal conditions for learning, and encourages student to critically reflect upon best practice through the use of learning tools, such as: Documents from the Lathner Primary School, including journal entries and letters from the school. ‘Pause, Reflect, Record’ and ‘Taking Action’ sections to assist students to practice their classroom skills. Notes from the authors discussing their perspectives and experiences in teaching as they encountered the issues discussed within the text.New to this Edition Three new chapters: Preparation and Experience in the Field, Teacher as Learner, and Planning for Learning Experts with an interest in youth and community such as Stephanie Alexander, John Hattie, Shelley Harwayne and Peter Johnson, have all provided advice for Lathner Primary School, further illustrating how the book content relates to professional practice. Additional learning and teaching scenarios of classroom practice that readers can interrogate and debate. Updated theory and references to all chapters in response to current Australian government initiatives

About the author
Gloria Latham is a Senior Lecturer in Education at RMIT University. Mindy Blaise is an Associate Professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Shelley Dole is a senior lecturer in mathematics education at The University of Queensland. Julie Faulkner is a Senior Lecturer in Literacy at RMIT University. Karen Malone is an Associate Professor at the University of Wollongong.

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