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The troubled state of Aboriginal health in Australia is a seemingly perennial problem, despite ongoing research, policies and interventions. The third edition of this book examines the processes and practices behind this situation, and provides practical strategies to assist in addressing this complex subject. Replaces 9781875821174.

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ISBN 9780729539364

Eckermann A







It has been well documented that the health status of many Aboriginal people remains the poorest in Australia despite many years of research, policies and interventions. The third edition of Binan Goonj: Bridging Cultures in Aboriginal Health 3e explores the processes and practices which have created this situation and looks to provide practical strategies to work towards redressing it. Extensively adopted as a teaching text across Australia, Binan Goonj provides coverage of essential Aboriginal health topics in an accessible manner. This edition challenges the reader to examine their own values, the relativity of values and the use of power in society with a writing style that will engage readers from a range of backgrounds. Thoroughly updated and revised the third edition of Binan Goonj: Bridging Cultures in Aboriginal Health 3e provides current up-to-date literature addressing the complexity and multidisciplinary topics of Indigenous Health.
* thoroughly updated to reflect major policy change since the second edition * explores the collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people presenting both issues and concerns * uses real life case studies and critical incidences to bring academic discussion and analysis to life * includes processes that have been successfully incorporated into 18 years of cross-cultural workshops * Evolve website provides support material for students and lecturers: * Discussion questions * Suggested reading * Weblinks * Instructors manual: course delivery tips including topics such as adult learning, attitudal change, colonisation, government policies, indigenous media sites, cross cultural education resources * Video links specific to chapters

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