Women, War and Islamic Radicalisation in


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ISBN 9781925377026

Faridullah Bezhan


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is regarded as a `classical patriarchal’ society, where old social tradition,
religious doctrine and socio-economic and cultural backwardness have made women
second-class citizens. But how
have women-on different levels-lived in Afghanistan? How have they treated been
treated, both in the private sphere and in public? And how did they resist
mistreatment during the war inside Afghanistan, in refugee camps or in
diaspora? Who are the sponsors and perpetrators of human rights violations
against Afghanistani women? What are the connections between Islam, local
customs, the mistreatment of women, and women’s connectedness to revolution and
jihad? This book provides answers to these questions through an
innovative study of the life and short stories of one of the country’s leading
female writers, Maryam Mahboob. If
offers a completely different image of both the suffering and resistance of
Afghanistani women than that we in the `West’ have come to know.

About the author
Dr Faridullah Bezhan was born and grew up in Afghanistan, where he taught literature at Kabul University. He is now a Senior Research Fellow at the Monash Asia Institute, Monash University Australia. He has published several books and articles in English and Persian on the history and literature of Afghanistan, especially the work of the countrys prominent and emerging female authors.

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