Test Tube Revolution: The Early History


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In Test Tube Revolution, Professor Leeton tells the story of the early days of IVF, his friend and fellow IVF pioneer Emeritus Professor Carl Wood, and the struggle of the research teams in Australia and the UK who were behind this momentous medical development. Professor John Leeton IVF pioneer

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ISBN 9781922235060

John Leeton, foreword by Alan Trounson


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With a foreword by Alan Trounson — “an adventure that shook the world”. Alan Trounson Test Tube Revolution was launched by Alan Trounson at Monash University, Clayton, on 16 September 2013 In Test Tube Revolution: The Early History of IVF, John Leeton, himself a key participant in the development of in vitro fertilisation, tells the story of his friend Carl Wood, the early days of IVF, and the battle between research teams in Australia and the United Kingdom to create and implement this profoundly important medical procedure. This is the remarkable and inspiring story of one of the great medical achievements of the twentieth century.

About the author
John Leeton was described by Carl Wood as the linchpin of the Monash IVF program. He developed and managed the early Monash clinical research programs, which included the worlds first IVF pregnancy, many of the worlds earliest IVF babies, the worlds first donor egg baby and Australias first IVF surrogate pregnancy. He retired in 2001 and was awarded a Member of Australia in 2002 for his contribution to womens health.

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