Talking North: The Journey of Australia'


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ISBN 9781925835182

edited by Paul S Thomas


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makes one nation curious about another nation? Curious enough that the study of
the other’s culture and language becomes a natural commitment or something that
could be described as a national project? This question lies behind much of the
writing in this book as it explores the history, education policy and changing
fortunes of the Indonesian/Malay language in Australia.

formal education programs are central to this discussion, individual effort and
chance encounters with the language are also examined in the context of
Australia’s evolving historical ties with its near neighbours. These
relationships have grown in importance since the end of the Second World War,
but Australians typically continue to view the region as ‘testing’. This is
exemplified by the Australian-Indonesian relationship, the primary focus of
this volume. While much has been written on the political relationship, this
book builds its view of the two countries’ interactions on the cultural
activity of language learning. This is, perhaps, the most fundamental of
cultural activities in any effort to promote mutual understanding.

About the author
Dr Paul S Thomas has been a Lecturer in Indonesian Studies at Monash University for over twenty years, teaching, researching and working to promote the study of Indonesian and Malay. He has written historical biographies of Indonesians/Malays in Australia and is currently researching representations of Indonesians/Malays in global cultures.

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