Wolf in a Suit : The 7 Secrets Inside Relationship Abuse Fairy Tales and Truths for Women, Community and Professional


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‘The Wolf in a Suit’ is Anita Bentata’s story about abuse and how she got away from it. Anita has 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor in domestic violence. This book exposes the reasons why people stay in violent relationships and ways to get out of them.

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The Wolf in a Suit is not just the true and uncensored story of a young Australian
mother and her children living in violence and torment. This book also contains solutions and
understandings about how women get caught, why women stay, what is required for true healing
and how as an individual, professional and community we need to grow beyond the current
limited mindset and major gaps of knowledge.
The Wolf in a Suit was written twenty years after the author, Anita Bentata,
became a psychotherapist and counsellor.
In this raw and powerful book, Anita combines her personal story and professional
experience to offer missing pieces beyond understanding the fourteen types
of family violence. You will discover the unspoken layers on how an intelligent
woman in modern times can get caught in abuse, the three keys to awakening to
reality – and what it took to escape.
This in-depth account of the courage required to finally leave, exposes the darker
side of relationships and what really happens behind closed doors.
This book exposes blind spots in society and families – using fairy tales to
explore the human experience of becoming free, science, psychology and real
life philosophy to look at solutions within the brain, body, the unconscious, family
and society.
The Wolf in a Suit provides a path out for women in abusive relationships and
solutions for professionals and friends who hold concern for others. Let’s not
spend more time talking about the same old information. There are important
details missing from the conversation. No more. It is time to break the binds of
secrecy and shame.

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