Find Your F*Cking Happy : A Journal to Help Pave the Way forPositive Sh*t Ahead


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Bring in the happiness with the third book in the Zen as F*ck series!

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ISBN 9781250214270

Sweeney M






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Dimensions 1 × 13.7 × 19.1 cm


A guided journal full of positive profanity, Find Your F*cking Happy is a down-to-earth approach to mindfulness journaling. In the same way Zen as F*ck showed people how stop giving a f*ck about the small stuff and Let That Sh*t Go promoted moving past painful experiences, Find Your F*cking Happy paves the way for the positive sh*t ahead.

About the author
Monica Sweeney works in the publishing industry, and she is the author of several books, including Zen as F*ck and Let That Sh*t Go. She lives in Boston.

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