Hyper - Capitalism : The Modern Economy


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ISBN 9781925713336

Gonick L & Kasser T






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An acerbic graphic takedown of capitalism

In Hyper-Capitalism, cartoonist Larry Gonick and psychologist Tim Kasser offer a vivid and an accessible new way to understand how global, privatising, market-worshipping hyper-capitalism is threatening human well-being, social justice, and the planet.

Drawing from contemporary research, they describe and illustrate concepts (such as corporate power, free trade, privatisation, and deregulation) that are critical for understanding the world we live in, and movements (such as voluntary simplicity, sharing, alternatives to GDP, and protests) that have developed in response to the system.

Gonick and Kasser’s pointed and profound cartoon narratives provide a deep exploration of the global economy and the movements seeking to change it, all rendered in clear, graphic – and sometimes hilarious – terms. In the process, they point the way to a healthier future for all of us.

About the author
Larry Gonick (Author)
Larry Gonick, a cartoonist specialising in nonfiction books, is best known for his Cartoon Histories and his Cartoon Guides to various sciences, and is a co-author, with Tim Kasser, of Hyper-Capitalism- the modern economy, its values, and how to change them. He lives in San Francisco.

Tim Kasser (Author)
Tim Kasser, a professor of psychology at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, has spent two decades researching materialism, consumerism, capitalism, well-being, and the environment. He has written three books and consults with a variety of non-profit organisations. He is a co-author, with Larry Gonick, of Hyper-Capitalism- the modern economy, its values, and how to change them.

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