How to Design a Logo


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Focusing on design thinking, the book showcases an array of distinguished logos, which fall into four categories: typogra-phy, plants, animals, and geometry. As a practical guide, it also introduces the
step-by-step design process of each logo.

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ISBN 9789887928423







Dimensions 18.5 × 25 cm


Logo design is a complicated and demanding task. This book, as a very practical guide, offers step-by-step instructions for the designer to have a complete understanding of how to design a logo, from interviewing the client, creating logo variations to making a standards manual. It also includes introduction to the key elements in logo design – colors, typeface and shapes, each of which is analyzed with specific examples. Last but not the least, with 55 carefully selected cases, the book will go into detail and take a closer look at how these excellent logos evolve and become delicate art works.

About the author
SendPoints is the author and publisher for How to Design a Logo.

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