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The Campus Bookstore – The Official textbook supplier to RMIT

The Campus Bookstore is the official textbook supplier to RMIT University.

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Or visit the RMIT website and find your prescribed and recommended textbooks via the link below, then borrow, rent or buy what you need.


The Campus Bookstore A bit about us:

Established in 1971, The Campus Bookstore is a not-for-profit company.
We invest in student success and provide innovative approaches in student support.
We are responsive and continue to provide flexible options for students.

Currently we have 6 stores including our online.
TCB is a leader in providing educational resources to students.
We were the first “campus-based” bookstore in Australia to offer text book rentals.
We run a “buyback” program each semester. Students can sell back their books for cash.
We are proud to be the official textbook supplier to RMIT.  Come visit us at our pop up shops at the city and Bundoora RMIT campus’s.  Details above.
Our friendly staff are here to help you find everything you need.

If you need more help.
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