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Textbook rental is simple! Now at The Campus Bookstore, you can rent a range of textbooks, and then you return them at the end of the Rental Agreement by the Due Date.

Over 50%! Renting textbooks saves you more than 50% off the RRP of a new, printed textbook. 

All textbook rental orders must be placed online through our website https://www.thecampusbookstore.com/.

We will require payment by credit card (Master Card or Visa Card).
Please note your credit card must have an expiry date that is longer than your rental period.

The rental period begins the day you receive the textbook and continues until the Rental Return Due Date as shown on your Rental Agreement.

All Rental Books must be returned by mail or in person. If by mail just use the packaging your original Rental Books arrived in and the reply paid mail label provided.


Textbook rental returns must be postmarked by the Rental Return Due Date.

Simple! We post the list of Textbook Rentals on the bookstore website. Online, it’s really easy – if we’re renting a textbook, the “Rental” option will be displayed alongside “New” and/or “Used” (if available). Just check the box and follow the instructions.

You may decide to convert your rental to a purchase through the rental period, all you have to do is contact the bookstore and we will organise the transaction, using your credit card details you originally used to purchase the Rental book.

Yes, The Campus Bookstore can refuse to accept your rental book if it is not returned in good condition. Good condition will be judged by the bookstore alone, and generally means book spine intact, no excessive damage to cover or contents, all original pages intact, all original components present, and no excessive highlighting, writing or other markings. Limited-use highlighting and writing is permitted. If The Campus Bookstore determines your book to be not acceptable for return, then you will be charged the full retail price of the textbook minus the books rental fee, plus a 5% processing fee.

You will be charged the full price of the textbook minus the books rental fee, plus the 5% processing fee. The full retail price of a book is based on the price of the book in new condition at the time of rental, along with a processing fee. The replacement cost and processing fee will be charged to the credit card you originally used to purchase the rental book. The book will be yours to keep.

You will be charged the full price of the textbook minus the books rental fee plus the 5% processing fee for any book not returned to the bookstore, regardless of the reason.

The Campus Bookstore is NOT responsible for reminding or notifying you of the Rental Return Due Date for any rented books. It is your responsibility to return the book by the due date listed on your Rental Agreement and within your Rental letter. Please remember that rental books are due back – or must be postmarked by – the date listed on your Rental Agreement.

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