Buyback List Semester one, 2022

The steps for you to follow:

  • Please refer to the current buyback list (below) for the current semester.
  • Make sure your book is the same edition as the one listed. The best way to confirm this is to double-check the ISBN number against the textbook’s barcode. They need to match.
  • Make sure that your book is in a reasonable condition, not too battered or bruised. The question you should ask yourself is “would I be prepared to purchase this as a second-hand book?”.
  • We accept a reasonable amount of underlining, notes written in pencil, highlighting, etc. (This is up to the discretion of the store co – ordinator who will assess the state of the textbook.)
  • The price we pay you is a standard price, set as a percentage of the current recommended retail price (RRP).
  • If you bring your second-hand book in at the same time as you are wanting to purchase a new book we can take the cost of the buyback off your new purchase.
  • There is a limit on how many copies of each title we can buyback. The buyback period lasts 4 to 6 weeks into the new semester, and then closes until the next semester (when a new listing will be posted).
  • If any further queries please contact your local store.

Buyback List

ISBN New Author Title Pub ed
9780730382645 Moroney Auditing : A Practical Approach 4th Print and Interactive Wiley 4th
9780190318925 Arvanitakis Sociologic : Analysing Everyday Life and Culture OUP 2nd
9780655700746 Fenna A Manwaring R Australian Government and Politics ( Custom Edition ) PEA 1st
9781260571158 Bodie Z, Kane A & Marcus A Investments MCG 12th
9780730385653 John Bevacqua Australian Taxation ( contains Interactive eBook code Wiley 1st
9780455244686 Turner C Concise Australian Commercial Law THOL 6th
9780409351811 Sweeney B Law in Commerce LEX 7th
9780393422474 Coppock L and Mateer D Principles of Microeconomics, 3rd Edition + Reg Card Wiley 3rd
9781761073021 Hill S Developing Early Literacy 3rd Edition ECP 3rd
9781260575866 Hill C & Hult G International Business MCG 13th
9780170439978 Hoyer Consumer Behaviour : Asia Pacific Edition with Student CENL 2nd
9780190323493 Harms L Understanding Human Development OUP 3rd

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