About The Bookstore

Since the 1970s, The Campus Bookstore has been a leader in providing students with all their educational needs.

Comprised of 4 on-site campus stores across Monash Caulfield, Monash Peninsula, Chisholm, Holmesglen and our online store.

The business was originally owned and run by MONSU (the student union) and went independent over 10 years ago.   

 A not for profit business, the bookstore(s) have valued relationships with campus libraries, departments, and university faculties.

Innovative from the start, we were the first ‘campus based’ bookstore in Australia to offer Text Book Rentals, and implement other incentive programs like Cash for your Books and Buy Now, Pay Later (zipPay).

We are constantly looking at ways we can enhance our brand and further give back to our students.

Our mission

To meet the evolving needs of  University & TAFE students, teachers & the wider community

Our essence

Dedicated to giving back to the student community in the form of service Initiatives & Knowledge

Our promise

We focus on giving the customer the best possible service, selection quality and value, both online and in our physical stores

Our vibe

Each day our staff members add their individualistic talents and strength to enhance & ensure the continued success of our business.
we are friendly, supportive & progressive

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